Analyzing markets

innovative processes - robust results

Survey Experiments

In some situations, no appropriate data on real demand patterns (revealed choices) exists. This problem often occurs either when specific offers are still very new or in the context of a release due to a new joint venture on the market. In these cases, micro-economically founded “stated-choice survey experiments” can provide very helpful reference points regarding the switching behaviour of consumers, which can in turn be used to analyse expected price effects of mergers or for the aim of market demarcation.  Comparisons between such experimental results and calculations of elasticities based on market data show high levels of conformity, so that robust estimates can experimentally be obtained. We have successfully completed such “stated choice” surveys in various competition-economic consultancy projects.

Decision Experiments

Furthermore, it is also possible to present the effects incentive schemes in laboratory experiments. In this way, basic statements about risks of collusions can be made. It is precisely in situations where no clear theoretical findings exist, that decision experiments can aid the creation of prediction models for decisive scenarios. Our consultants have extensive experience in designing laboratory-based decision experiments.