Understanding competition

Compelling expertise for the last 25 years

We regularly share the knowledge gained from our decades of experience in competitive economic consultancy projects, as well as academic research and teaching, through workshops and seminars for company and syndicate lawyers:

  • We support company compliance programs demonstrating, for example, how to achieve rebate settings compatible with antitrust laws or enlightening about critical forms of horizontal and vertical information exchange.
  • Through individual, interactive workshops we make participants with no experience in the field of competitive economics aware of potential issues. In these workshops we run through concrete, exemplary cases, with the aid of computer-based simulations. In follow-up assessment and feedback rounds, the market impact of their behaviour is made clear to the participants.
  • We offer customised seminars and workshops to legal practices, in which we illustrate current developments in the world of competition economics whilst also imparting basic, methodical knowledge. In this way we foster the increasingly important relationships between legal consultancy and competition economic analysis and surveying.